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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 6, 2019 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and dan walker. it's 6am. 0ur headlines today: treat knife crime as a national emergency — the call from one of britain's most senior police officers ahead of an emergency meeting finally the sun calls kylejenner with the home secretary. a "selfie—made billionaire". the reality tv star has become protecting prices after brexit. the world's youngest billionaire at the age of 21. reports the government may significantly cut some of the taxes she took the top spot away importers have to pay to bring from facebook founder mark zuckerberg in the forbes' annual billionaires list. goods into the country. concerns that millions of vulnerable people could be left behind by not having easy access to cash, as consumers move more to plastic. with me is andrew tuck editor of monocle, a global news and business magazine. shock in the champions league. the kings of europe, let us get stuck in. we started this real madrid, are dumped out of the champions league by ajax. story that was emerging in the uk brilliant, though, from england's women. yesterday afternoon. it talks about a bomb plot with the stamp of irish distance. and they are linking the two. many papers around the uk are looking at this story. these are three potential crude a letter bombs that were sent yesterday. a few
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interesting things, the good news is only one was opened. it shows that the security in post— rooms in these big organisations, they can spot suspicious packages. so luckily nobody was seriously injured. and that the likes of waterloo station they did not even evacuate the station. it is too early to guess who is responsible. some people are jumping to the conclusion that it is an irish group, because it was posted in dublin. in a way that postmark is such an obvious clue it makes you wonder if it is too obvious. so we shouldn'tjump to far ahead. an interesting one from the telegraph is that we are told again and again, not to worry because it will not be a big issue, the irish border in the end will be happily result. even if they that tension is mounting on both sides of the border in recent months. —— months. and the gare loch around brexit makes people think it could be irish distance at work. you have mentioned waterloo
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station, heathrow airport, city airport, three extremely busy transport hubs in the london area. it could have caused serious chaos and harm if these had not been intercepted. but we come back to the crudest of this. for example, the 12 heathrow airport was compass house, slightly set away from terminal 5. —— the wanderer said to. it was not a threat to passengers. it was more ofa a threat to passengers. it was more of a threat to the staff who work for these organisations. it is alarming, but not in the nature of some of the terrorist attacks which have affected us as we go about our daily business. front pages for many papers in the uk. let us look at the stories since yesterday. it is this time yesterday that the court in tokyo announced that they had granted bail to carlos ghosn it was bail ofi billion yen, about 9
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million us dollars. it sounds like he has managed to find the money and we are waiting to see him leave the jail, as it were. the japan times, this is huge in use, this story of this is huge in use, this story of this mogul, this car boss who sort of dominated business injapan, nissan which is such a big brand for the japanese corporate for such a long time. a huge story in japan and globally as well. what is interesting is there has been a flip on this story. and japan, the judicial system in japan has on this story. and japan, the judicial system injapan has found itself in the dock. it has been 107 days without him being granted bail. they said they felt he might try to tamper with evidence or witnesses. he reshuffled his legal team and yesterday he was granted bail. we are expecting him out any minute. it is interesting that japan has found itself really under scrutiny. why is that they are so unwilling to give bail to that they are so unwilling to give bailtoa man that they are so unwilling to give bail to a man who, it seems likely, is going to turn up in court, has no
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real flight is going to turn up in court, has no realflight risk, is going to turn up in court, has no real flight risk, and they can take is possible to wait? i won in the background whether there has been some nudging to say this does not look good for the reputation of japan, because it makes other investors in the country concerned about how we treat people. the japan times, the way the article starts, ahead of the 65th birthday on saturday will he get his freedom? is but they wish. it is really quite extraordinary, when you think about it. -- is extraordinary, when you think about it. —— is but they. i interviewed carlos ghosn, the last time i spoke to him was in davos injanuary last year. at the end of the year who would believe he would be behind bars injapan? would believe he would be behind bars in japan? we know here in the uk, for example, many of these cases which are about potential financial misreporting, when they come to court they are very hard to prove. so we don't know what will happen. and he protests his innocence as well. we move on to the turmoil within the car sector. this is the
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business section of the times. a story we covered extensively on bbc news yesterday. the news that bmw is saying a no—deal brexit would imperil british production of the mini. we have had so many headlines coming from the uk car sector. it seems that this is a very serious issue. this story points out, 856,000 people are employed by the car industry in the uk. there are change is happening because of the shift away from diesel. we know that the uk market is a little depressed at the moment, so people are not buying cars in the way they were. there is undoubtedly a contraction of this industry. and people are concerned. it is interesting because everybody happens to be at the geneva motor show this week... not everybody. some people aren't going. all the people diving in on this story. it has become a talking shop about trade relations and moving
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parts across borders. i think we have to be concerned about bmw is looking at cutting the production of mini. these are stories we were told at the beginning of this process, don't worry, germany needs access to oui’ don't worry, germany needs access to our market. you won't believe it, they will fall for any deal that we offer, they need us. it has not worked out like this. real concerns in the car industry. the governor of the bank of england, mark carney, speaking in the house of lords, responding to questions. basically saying the financial sector is well prepared. he has said that for quite sometime. we have our ducks in a row, we have made sure banks have the right amount of capital, et cetera, for any scenario. it has been vocal about the fact he is concerned that other businesses are not so well—prepared. concerned that other businesses are not so well-prepared. he is concerned about other businesses and the liquidity between money going back and forth between european banks and the uk. he feels the uk, perhaps because we are so alert to the idea of no deal, has got
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prepared and we will be in a good position. he has copied percentage points, what he thinks about the contraction of the uk if we don't get a deal —— cut. i was sorry for mark carney. he is very astute. he goes out and he was people and he ta kes goes out and he was people and he takes action and cuts back the risk in people say there was a risk in the first place. it is often because i think the bank of england has done a very good job of looking at what the risks and reacting to them well in advance. let us talk about kylie jenner. i don't know if you are a fan. she has made a lot of money. they are describing as a self—made billionaire, forbes. forbes have been quizzed on this, can she be described that way because of family money? there is debate about that. whatever we think about it she is worth a heck of a lot, as are many young people who are climbing onto this, and it is due to social media, these influences, have got billions and billions of instagram followers
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and billions of instagram followers and are promoting followers and making money. she has been on tv since she was a child through the kardashians programme. she has not sold out her company. it is entirely owned by her. the management is done by her mother, who takes a 10% cut of all of her children's businesses, which is an interesting family business model. she has gone direct to consumer via social media. and it works in this sector. it says that the key people are buying a product 18-24. she the key people are buying a product 18—24. she has managed use her celebrity, herfame, 18—24. she has managed use her celebrity, her fame, her fashion 18—24. she has managed use her celebrity, herfame, herfashion now is to connect to those people in an interesting people. it is not the model for every other company but it has worked for her. -- nous. the rich list is the likes of bill
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gates, warren buffett, mark zuckerberg has moved down a little bit. it is very much dominated by american billionaires, isn't it? bit. it is very much dominated by american billionaires, isn't mm is the people who have come out of the tech industry. that is still the new industrial revolution, where huge amounts of money can still be made. it will be interesting to see the longevity of all of their wealth. and it is more important, i think, in the coming years to look at how much wealth these people then give away through philanthropy into charitable organisations. that is the real test, i think, while. charitable organisations. that is the realtest, i think, while. thank you for being on the programme, andrew. andrew tuck from monocle. thank you for your company. that is the briefing for another day. whatever you are up to i did goes well for you. we will see you soon. goodbye. hello there. all our weather is going to be
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coming in from the west over the next few days. there's a really strong jet stream tracking right the way across the atlantic and that picks up areas of cloud. this one here will arrive on friday to bring some rain. this one here has already brought some rain across most of the uk. it's around that area of low pressure. those weather fronts are taking the rain further north into scotland. we are also seeing some really strong winds, especially in wales and the south—west of england. it's been another cold night across northern scotland, a touch of frost even by the morning. much milder elsewhere, but very windy, especially in wales and south—west england. but gusty winds will continue with these bands of showers. and we've got the wetter weather getting stuck across scotland and northern ireland, notjust rain, but some snow over the high ground. let us have a closer look at those showers — they are in bands, really, pushing their way across england and wales. some sunshine in between. a bit of warmth, actually, 1a, maybe 15 degrees, south—east england, east anglia, and also lincolnshire. but these showers will be heavy and potentially thundery. and we're much colder as you move into scotland and northern ireland. and north of the central belt, we're going to find that wet weather continuing with some snow over highland and grampian. stays wet in scotland overnight
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and increasingly back into northern ireland and into northern england too. further south, i think we lose a lot of those heavy showers and temperatures will dip away to around 4 or 5 degrees. it will feel colder, though, as we head into thursday. let's trace where our air is coming from, all the way from the arctic, a cold north—north—westerly wind is going to be wrapped around the area of low pressure, which, by this stage, is out in the north sea. but around the edge of the low, where we're packing in a lot of wet weather into scotland, especially eastern scotland, northern england, down into east anglia too, some more snow over the high ground and a few wintry showers will be following in behind. probably the best of the sunshine and the dry weather — southern england and south wales, 11 degrees here. but a chilly 6 or so, i think, in northern scotland. as we head into the end of the week, well, that area of low pressure is moving away. it's taking away those cold winds. clearing skies, light winds means friday could start with a touch of frost, and some sunshine too. but it's going to cloud over. we saw the cloud earlier on coming in across the atlantic. this is bringing the rain into northern ireland, into wales, and the south—west
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of england and ahead of that, those temperatures may get to 9 or 10 degrees. even into the weekend, though, it stays very unsettled, some more rain, some more snow over the hills. it will be very windy. as a result, it is always going to feel on the chilly side.
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